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Quick Defrost 4 in 1 Cutting Board

Quick Defrost 4 in 1 Cutting Board

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Quick Defrost 4 in 1 Cutting Board is a multi-functional cutting board to save you time and effort in the kitchen.

✓ Fast defroster made of high-grade aluminum alloy, allowing food to defrost three times faster without losing flavor!
 Non-slip rubber edges for added safety while working.
 Built-in spice grater.
 Built-in knife sharpener.
 Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
 Easy storage with thin and hangable design.

Defrosts up to 3 times faster without loss of quality or flavor, with grooved edges to keep frozen water from spilling out.
Non-slip rubber edges hold your worktop securely in place and simply flip the defrosting board over to become a multi-purpose chopping board.
With knife sharpener and grinding area for easy knife sharpening and ingredient grinding (e.g. garlic, ginger, peppers, etc.)


This is a fast defrosting Cutting Board, its black aluminum plate absorbs ambient heat and transfers it to the frozen items!
The built-in drip tank can hold the juice of meat, fruit, or vegetables without spilling liquid!


Don't waste any more time defrosting food!

If you're tired of waiting forever for your food to defrost, it's time
to upgrade to the Cermal Cutting Board. With its high-grade aluminum alloy defrosting side, your food will defrost three times faster without sacrificing flavor. This means you can enjoy your favorite meals in a fraction of the time.

Get Freshly Grated Spices !

With its built-in spice grater, you'll have freshly grated spices at your fingertips whenever you need them. You want have to use garlic presses ever again!

Keep Your Knives Sharp!

With its built-in knife sharpener, you'll never have to worry about dull blades again. Keep your knives sharp and ready to use at all times with the convenient sharpener on the Cermal Cutting Board. Don't miss out on this time-saving, multi-functional cutting board!

Product Information:

Material: Aluminum
Style: Fashion minimalist
Features: Thawing
Colour: Black

1Pcs Quick Defrost 4 in 1 Cutting Board


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